B-category – car

Minimum lesson amount is 27 theory lessons (45 min each) and 27 driving lessons (45 min each), which will be taking place according to national study plan.

Courses will run for a minimum of four weeks. Theory lessons will take place once a week, 09.00-12.00 for morning groups and 18.00-21.00 for evening groups.

If you prefer to do an online course instead of classroom lectures, please select this option during registration, and we will contact you on the same day.

Register for a course

City Centre (Mere pst. 4)
Courses starting in July
12.07.2024 09.00
12.07.2024 18.00
19.07.2024 09.00
19.07.2024 18.00
Courses starting in August
09.08.2024 09.00
09.08.2024 18.00
16.08.2024 09.00
16.08.2024 18.00
Kristiine (Tulika 15/17)
Courses starting
Courses starting

To register for a course, choose one of the above dates for a course starting date that suits you (if first day of course is on Monday, then following theory lessons will also be taking place on Mondays) and register by clicking „Register” on top right of page.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail with further instructions on your e-mail address within 12 hours. If you have any additional questions, please contact the school by calling  +372 56 65 81 07 .

NB! Study group will only be visible on the timetable if there are available spaces. If a group is full, it will not show up on the timetable to avoid overbooking.