Night time training

To obtain a B and B1 category driver’s license, a student must complete a mandatory night time training as part of initial stage training.

You can register for „Night time training” course every Monday (except national holidays) between 12.00-17.00 at Atlanta driving school, Mere pst.4, 2nd floor.

You can pay for the course by transfering the payment to the school’s bank account (before registering) SEB EE681010220074268017 or by paying in cash while registering.

If paying by bank transfer, you should add the student’s full name and „Night time training” to the transfer details.

Registration for this course cannot be done over phone or e-mail, since it is an online booking system. Registering for this course must be done ONLY through Atlanta driving school.

Students can change the date and time of the course NO LATER than 2 working days before the course. Otherwise (or in case of no-show) payment cannot be refunded, since the school will prepay for the course based on number of booked students.

Kesklinn (Mere pst. 4)
Kristiine (Tulika 15/17)
Lasnamäe (Koorti 22)