Driving school’s study plan

Initial stage course
Theory lessonsDriving lessons
1. Introduction to the courseMinimum hours required - 241. Driver’s position and safety equipmentMinimum hours required - 27
2. Traffic as a system2. Handling the vehicle
3. Road users3. Driving on small roads
4. Driving on roads4. Stopping and parking
5. Crossing intersections5. Driving in different traffic situations
6. Stopping and parking6. Driving outside city/town
7. Unique traffic situations7. Passing and overtaking
8. Passing and overtaking8. Planning the journey
9. Unique situations9. Environment-friendly driving
10. Traffic safety10. Individual program
11. Person as a driver
12. Vehicle
13. Factors affecting the length of stopping distance and hazard prevention211. Initial stage slippery track exercises1
14. Night time driving112. Night time driving1
TE. Theory exam1SE. Driving exam1
Minimum hours required28Minimum hours required30
Additional lessons
Theory lessonsDriving lessons
JÕ. Additional lessonsAs required (number of hours varies by person)JÕ. Additional lessons2
Minimum hours required2
Final stage course
Theory lessonsDriving lessons
LT1. Environment-friendly and safe driving, consideration for other road users3LS1. Environment-friendly and safe driving, consideration for other road users1
LT2. Slippery track and hazard prevention practicum1LS2. Practising slippery track hazard prevention exercises1
Hours required4Hours required2