Driving school regulations

Studies will take place according to the national study guide for B-category drivers. B-category drivers’ studies are divided into initial stage and final stage training. Initial stage training allows drivers to receive a primary (limited) B-category driver’s license.

Initial stage studies comprise of 27 academic hours (45 min) of theory lessons, which take place generally once a week in the evenings, and at least 27 academic hours of driving lessons. Theory and driving lessons take place by turns. Before you begin your driving lessons, you will receive a study card from the school, on which the instructor will mark the dates and number of driving lessons taken. The study card will be your „license” allowing you to drive with a instructor during your lessons. If you lose the study card, you must apply for a duplicate, which costs 10€. If you do not achieve the required driving skills during the mandatory 27 driving lessons, it’s possible to take additional lessons. If you cannot make it to a lesson, you must notify your instructor before 17.00 on the previous day. If you fail to do so, you will be required to pay for missed lessons.

– To complete the course, you must take a school theory and driving exam. Before taking these exams, you must complete a 16 hour first aid training.
After presenting the first aid course certificate to the school, you will be allowed to take the school exams. To pass the theory exam, you must answer 60 questions, with only 6 mistakes allowed. After the theory exam, you will be issued a exam card with theory exam results. After successfully passing the driving exam, the results will be marked on the same exam card. Theory exam results are valid for 6 months.
After taking all the lessons and passing the school exams, the student must take „Initial stage night time driving” training, which consists of 45 min of theory and 45 min of driving on special training grounds. After this the student must take „Initial stage slippery track hazard prevention” training, which consists of 2×45 min theory and 45 min driving on special training grounds. Only after passing these will you be issued a driving school graduation certificate, which will allow you to register for ARK theory exam.
After completing your studies, please bring your exam card and study card to the school. When picking up your certificate, please bring your first aid training certificate.
You will be issued your graduation certificate based on your study card, exam card and certificates of additional required training.

The final amount of B-category initial stage course depends on whether the student needs additional lessons or not.
Depends on package chosen
Additional driving lessons (from 28th lesson) are 22.5€.
“Best price discount” (theory 162.5€ or other discount) is valid for 2 years (starting from day of first theory lesson) for students, who pass Atlanta Driving School study course in full. Otherwise, full price will apply (180€). You have 2 years to pass the full course.

– School exams are free, if taken according to study plan (except 1st price package), repeat exam need to be paid for:
Repeat theory exam – 10 €
Repeat driving exam – 22.5 €
Repeat theory exam can be taken on Mondays between 12.00-16.00.
To register for a driving exam (before this you must have completed the theory exam and first aid training), please call +372 56 65 81 07 .

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